WotWots Toys & Playsets

Another adorable preschool TV series arrived in the shape of the WotWots and fun Wotwot Toys too.  These are two cute and curious baby aliens. This brother and sister team have landed their spaceship in the middle of a local zoo and set about discovering the different animals they meet along the way.

A great way of introducing young viewers to be inquisitive about the world. Also to learn about the variety of animals in the zoo with the two main characters. Lots to enjoy along the way with exciting adventures with the WotWots. The bright and colourful creatures, fun-filled gadgets and spaceship will keep pre-schoolers entertained. While families can talk about the animals with their little ones for a better understanding too.

Who are the Wotwots

Their quest is to find out what is what and who they’ll be like when they grow up. They have lots to learn and so many adventures to go in their steam powered spaceship. Children will learn with them as they discover the different creatures and animals and will have fun with Dotty WotWot and her brother Spotty WotWot.

The fun duo has their own unique characters and shares a love of exploring and scooting around the zoo together finding out as much as they can. Dottywot always keep an eye out for her brother and is quite protective of him especially when he gets himself into scrapes without thinking first.


SpottyWot has an impulsive nature and is full of life whizzing from one place to the other which sometimes tests his sister’s patience. DottyWot has a more calming nature and is the brains of the two. She cleverly pilots their spaceship and keeps it on course with a musical keyboard.

TV Series Characters

There has been a new launch of the WotWot toys line based around the TV series which already has quite a following. Children will immediately recognise some of the toys styled in line with the TV show like the Zoom Along SpottyWot Soft Toy and Chair and Electronic Zoom Along DottyWot doll.

The whole range will include mini plush, talking plush with hovercraft chair and zoom along with feature plush.

DottyWot WotWot Toys

Kids will be playing out their own adventures with their favourite character SpottyWot or DottyWot. They will have fun watching them scoot around in their hovercraft chair and hearing giggling noises and sound effects from the show.