New Waybuloo Toys & Figures

A wonderful series called Waybuloo was successfully launched in May 2009 on CBeebies and has all the credentials of being just as popular as the Teletubbies. Preschool programmes involve a great mix of fun and learning activities but with Waybuloo there is another new experience for children to discover and that is called “Buloo”. Kids will love all the Waybuloo toys and dolls.

Waybuloo Toys & Playsets

This intriguing programme has four main characters known as Piplings-Lau Lau, Di Li, Nok Tok and Yojoyo and is set in the beautiful land of Nara. The different storylines teach youngsters how to deal with their emotions including love, wisdom, happiness and harmony. They see what the Piplings are doing and how they achieve a state of Buloo when they make someone happy or do a good deed.

Waybuloo Toys, Dolls, Play Sets, Tents  & Gifts

The BBC is proud of the new show and claims it’s a philosophy for a happy life rather than just a series. Best of all is the way viewers, parents and children are encouraged to hug each other and are invited to do a form of yoga called Yogo along with the Piplings and experience Waybuloo moments for themselves.

The Piplings like to share their experiences and emotions so others can find their own state of Buloo; little ones will see Lau Lau, Di Li, Nok Tok and Yojojo begin to float when they are very happy.

It’s not surprising that the new line up of Waybuloo toys, DVDs, books, Plush, playsets, puzzles, colouring books, bedroom furnishings and accessories are proving very popular. Fisher Price is one of the most trusted names in toys and their new Waybuloo toys will be bringing plenty of Buloo moments to little ones everywhere.

There is a DVD out in October 2009 called Waybuloo – Meet the Piplings.

Waybuloo Toys best sellers from the Fisher-Price Waybuloo toys include:

  • Peek & Pull Yojojo- large size plush comes to life with sounds from the show
  • Talking Di-Li- For 18 months+ Press her tummy to hear phrases or a melody.
  • Peek & Pull Lau-Lau- Press Lau Lau’s tummy and see her ears pull over her eyes
  • Talking Nok Nok- Soft plush with sounds and phrases from the series
  • Bath Pods- Yojojo or Lau Lau –As the Pod sinks to the bottom of the bath see the Piplings float to the top in a state of Waybuloo!
  • Set of four Waybuloo Beanies includes all four 5” soft plush toys of the Piplings.
  • Giant Floor Puzzle- Nok Nok- 15 piece puzzle