Waybuloo Toys Books and Playsets

The latest buzzword in the pre-school toy world is Waybuloo. Toys and other forthcoming products based on the smash hit TV programme is due out in the run-up to Christmas. The successful launch of the pre-school children’s series on CBeebies in May 2009 introduced youngsters to the magical world of Nara.

Waybuloo Toys

Nara is a beautiful place with a sunny garden and Japanese style bridges where happy adventures abound among four very colourful and loving friends.

The four main stars of the show are known as Piplings; their names are De Li, Lau Lau, Nok Tok and Yojojo. The Piplings share playtime with real children and like to practice yogo together; a gentle form of exercise similar to Yoga. The poses are inspired by their surroundings


He is a funny, clumsy and mischievous and loves surprises. Yojojo, has the characteristics of a monkey and has a yellow amber body and blue eyes, and has rounded ears on the side of his head. He represents happiness. He’s funny, clumsy and cheeky and the youngest of the group and just like a toddler learns through mistakes. His favourite pastime is playing his handmade Pipling pipes, banjojo and drums.

Lau Lau

Lau Lau is rabbit-like and has a lilac or light purple body, green eyes and she has long ears on top of her head; she represents imagination. Lau Lau is creative and thrives when she’s dancing, sculpting or painting. She loves all things sparkly and glittery and is the most spiritual out of the group. All the Piplings like Yogo but Lau Lau is the best at it!

Nok Tok

Nok Tok has a blue body and brown eyes, and has rounded ears on top of his head; he is bear-like and represents wisdom. His character is practical and inventive and he is happiest when he’s making things and solving problems. Nok Tok enjoys a challenge and mending and building things in his workshop.

De Li

De Li is kitten-like has a pink body and blue eyes, and has slightly pointed ears on top of her head. She is thoughtful, caring and loves gardening and represents love. De Li has a nurturing nature and is very affectionate towards the other Piplings and loves gathering food for them.

This feel-good programme for kids encourages imagination, active fun and learning and just like favourites Bob the Builder, Teletubbies and In the Night Garden, looks set to stay around for a long time.

Loveable Piplings

These loveable happy characters are caring individuals who love sharing, fun and laughter. They like to share their experiences with their audience and children can enjoy a fascination journey full of stories of friendships and harmony. The storylines focus on a range of emotions such as love, wisdom and happiness and when the Piplings are very happy they begin to float this reaction is known as “Buloo”.

This warm feeling that causes them to rise into the air is achieved when they do a good deed, feel happy about something or make someone else feel better. The whole concept is a wonderful lesson for children too and instils in them the importance of harmony and friendship.

Waybuloo DVD

Best of all children will be able to play with the Piplings, learn yoga with their parents and experience their own “Waybuloo” moments.

DVD Release Date: 26 Oct 2009 Waybuloo – meet the Piplings DVD

The first Waybuloo toys from Fisher-Price will be available from October expect a range of Waybuloo toys to include plush toys, books, magazines, DVDs, collector packs, play-sets and puzzles.

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