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Transformers E1125EL2 Generations Power of the Primes Deluxe Class Autobot Jazz Action Figure
Transformers E1125EL2 Generations Power of the Primes Deluxe Class Autobot Jazz Action Figure


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Transformers Cyberverse Ultimate Shockwave Action Figure
Transformers Cyberverse Ultimate Shockwave Action Figure

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Optimus Prime Leader Figure

Optimus Prime reigns supreme as the leader of the Autobots. His one aim is to protect the universe from the evil Decepticons. His signature phrase “Transform and Rollout!” can be heard when leading his team into battle.

This large scale action toy comes with realistic styling and detail including electronic sounds and lights. His eyes and chest light up and the latest Mech Alive technology reveals the internal gears and moving armour panels.

The robot to vehicle conversion to truck mode sees this mighty ally getting into gear with full-on racing sounds. Suitable toy for 5 years old upwards.

Bumblebee-Action Deluxe Figure

Motion activated lights and sounds bring this popular character to life and ready for battle. This Bumblebee action figure is designed to convert to a yellow Camaro concept car.

Features include headlights and tail lights plus engine sounds when in vehicle mode and when in robot mode has light up eyes, flip down battle mask and a launching pulse missile.

Bumblebee Voice Mixer Helmet

This Transformers 3 movie toy allows kids imagination to really run wild as they become their favourite Bumblebee. This voice-activated helmet encourages active play and develops social skills as they interact with friends through role play.

Children will be able to speak through music just like Bumblebee.

Just like the Transformers Movie Hero kids can play out scenes to protect Earth from evil. The voice-mixer helmet has electronic features that can remix their voice with six different music styles. Also features realistic conversion sounds from car to robot and back again plus battle phrases and sound effects. This fully adjustable helmet will fit head sizes from ages 5 through to adult

Bumblebee Blaster

Not since the days of roleplay cowboys have toy guns been so popular this time though its a plasma cannon. With helmet in place, all that is needed is the Bumblebee arm blaster to defeat the Decepticons. Feel the power of the Transformers with helmet and now the Revenge of the Fallen Plasma Cannon. Features include electronic music, sounds and lights for creating some cool action-packed movie scenes. Also converts to robot fist mode with smashing sounds.

Electronic Toy Watch Transformers Robot Toys Kids 2 in 1 Electronic Transformers Toys Watch Deformed Robot Manual Children's Birthday Christmas Gift 3-6 Ages - Red
Electronic Toy Watch Transformers Robot Toys Kids 2 in 1 Electronic Transformers Toys Watch Deformed Robot Manual Children's Birthday Christmas Gift 3-6 Ages - Red


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Megatron Leader Figure
The sworn enemy of Optimus Prime and leader of the Decepticons is the bad guy Megatron. This ruthless leader is a large scale action figure that comes with much-improved features with sound and lights. Megatron is part of the new Leader series of Transformers 2 toys that has Mech Live technology.

Armed with a flip-out sword this powerful villain is out for revenge and ready to roll out. In robot mode, features include electronic speech and eyes and chest that light up. He converts to an impressive alien tank capable of some amazing firepower with cannon and blasting sounds.

Starscream- MV2 Voyager

The second in command to Megatron this highly intelligent Decepticon is sly and ruthless and would do what it takes to gain control. A fast flier and a spectacular air warrior comes with two firing missiles that a ready to be fired in jet mode. You can activate gears with a turn of Starscream’s head or convert to an F-22 Raptor aircraft in vehicle mode.

The Constructicon Devastator – Supreme Combiner
2009 is the year that sees the unleashing of the ultimate fighting machine the Constructicon Devastator. This super-sized robot towers over his allies and enemies alike and when his Vortex Grinder opens destruction is inevitable.

This Supreme Combiner is formed by six Construction vehicles: Longhaul, Scavenger, Rampage, Scrapper, Hightower and Mixmaster.

Boys will love this large action figure that even speaks and has lights and motion-activated sounds. Just like the Leader, Voyager and Deluxe series models this supreme figure has Mech Alive gearing.

Collecting new Transformers 2 figures and role-play toys enables boys to act out their favourite battle scenes from the movie and with today’s extensive range boys can build quite an army.

Revenge of the Fallen video game

For action-packed video, there is the Revenge of the Fallen video game. Rated as “T” for Teen. Now fans can have the chance to become an Autobot or Decepticon in the official game of the blockbuster film.

Choose a favourite character and once fully loaded drive, fight and shoot through intense levels. Every minute will count to win the day.

The Transformers 2 adventure game comes in the following formats: Nintendo Wii and DS, PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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