Lego Board Games

New Board Games

The globally successful LEGO brand is making waves in the board game sector with the release of their first collection of board games. Known and loved by kids, the building bricks of LEGO are no longer just for constructing fantastic worlds. They are also now being used to create exciting board games.

Lego Board Games

LEGO Ludo Game
LEGO Ludo Game


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LEGO 76123 Marvel Avengers Endgame Outriders Attack Captain America's Motorcycle Toy, Super Heroes Playset, Colourful
LEGO 76123 Marvel Avengers Endgame Outriders Attack Captain America's Motorcycle Toy, Super Heroes Playset, Colourful

RRP: £19.99


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Most parents are already familiar with the many varieties of building toys but are probably not too sure of how to play LEGO games. Basically, you build it, play it and then change it.

Family Board Games

The new LEGO Board game is very popular with kids as well as adults and building them is all part of the fun and makes it different every time. The 75-year-old Danish company has a clever idea here that will see LEGO on Christmas wish lists everywhere. LEGO has released 10 new games in the UK for 2009

LEGO Board Games

  1. Ramses Pyramid
  2. Creationary
  3. Lava dragon
  4. Lunar Command
  5. Magikus
  6. Minotaurus
  7. Monster 4
  8. pirate Code
  9. Race 3000
  10. Robo Champ

The release of these innovative toys have children constructing their own board games out of LEGO blocks and when the game is over they are able to rebuild another for a different version of the game. While other old-time favourites are revamped and given a complete makeover LEGO decided to be different and break away with this unique toy.

The price starts at around £7.99 and is aimed at 5 to 9-year-olds.

The designers of the games wanted to encourage children who loved the idea of building with LEGO extended to a different style of play; one that could be shared with others. Board games, rated the 3rd largest toy category have always proved a family favourite and LEGO’s entry into the traditional world of board games is hotly tipped to be extremely popular.

All about LEGO

What makes LEGO so appealing is the range of game experiences that have ‘something for everyone’, including the grown-ups. The game designer’s concept of a breakable, changeable and re-build game is a unique idea that encourages the players to be creative and come up with new ideas.

Building with LEGO was mainly a solitary pastime that kids loved; introducing the “Build, Play, Change” board games has now added another dimension to LEGO play. Now parents and friends can join in the fun over and over again!

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