Fifi and the Flowertots

Fifi and the Flowertots

These are a group of flower based friends who enjoy spending time in the garden. This secret magical garden is called Flowertot Garden where everything is lush and full of fresh flowers and vegetables. All of the characters have their own special personalities but one thing they have in common is their love of adventure. Checkout Fifi and The Flowertots at
Fifi and the Flowertots

Magical Flowertot Garden

The colourful entertaining Flowertots and their wonderful adventures and experiences can help a child learn the value of healthy living; such has the goodness in fruit and vegetables. Children will often recognise the dilemmas facing the Flowertots and shout out the answers to help Fifi and her friends.

As with all successful children’s programmes, there is a demand for toy merchandise and fans of Fifi won’t be disappointed. There are a wide range of Fifi products including books, toys, bikes, clothing and more

Preschool TV Show Characters

Fifi and the Flowertots are designed for entertaining pre-school children with fun, adventure and inspirational stories. A popular animated children’s television show aimed at 2 to 6-year-olds.

The show introduces themes covering friendship, healthy eating, the environment, music and imagination. Although a particular favourite with girls, boys will love the naughty characters of the group and their mischievous escapades.

Let’s say hello to these loveable characters


Fifi the “Forget me Not” does tend to forget her words and needs help in remembering them. She loves organic gardening and wouldn’t use any chemicals to make her garden grow. She lives in Forget me not Cottage and keeps a watchful eye on Stingo’s and Slugsy’s madcap schemes.

Buttercup & Daisy

These two flowerpots are twins and Fifi’s cousins they live in Milk Bucket house. They have different personalities Buttercup is full of life and bubbly whereas Daisy is more shy and dreamy. They both have a special loved comfort toy, Buttercup has a blue coloured soft mouse toy which is named Cornflower and Daisy has Diddyduck Buttercup.

Violet and Primrose

These little flowertots live in Flowertot cottage. They are very close friends that always look out for each other. Violet is the very shy one and Primrose is bossy and a fusspot! She gets easily stressed especially when things get messy and her clothes get dirty; she likes everything to be neat and tidy. Primrose also likes making her own clothes. Violet on the hand has better thing to do with her time like her favourite hobby painting and looking after Pip.


Pip the Gooseberry is the youngest member to live in the garden and is doted on by Violet. He can get a little over-excited and sometimes a bit naughty.


Fifi’s best friend and is always ready to help her remember her words. Bumblebee likes to make honey although he is allergic to honey and sneezes a lot which makes him fly backwards and crash into things.


A Poppy who runs her own business in the garden she has a market stall and sells to the other garden folk. She has plenty to say and is very sociable.

Aunt Tulip and Grubby

Tulip the flowertot has a pet caterpillar called Grubby. Grubby often goes missing which causes Tulip to worry. She loves to chat among friends and enjoys tea parties.


Stingo is a wasp who loves to trick the other flowertots. He lives in the Apple tree House and is the rascal out of the group and is often caught stealing from the others.


Slugsy is a slug and Stingo’s sidekick. This loveable clumsy character has a crush on Primrose.


The spider is the wise one out of the group always ready to help the flowertots with any problems. Stingo and Slugsy keep well away from Webby and her web just in case they get caught up in it.


Mo is a Lawnmower that speaks a different language to the Flowertots, it is only Fifi who understands him. She translates his words for the others in the village.


This is a grumpy but helpful worm that spends his time in a compost heap, creating compost for all the Flowertots.


The very friendly butterfly takes care of Buttercup and Daisy. He has a special landing pad and is always keen to make sure the twins arrive safely to wherever they want to go. His favourite saying is “All Aboard!”

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