Fifi and the FlowerTots

Once children enter the secret Flowertot garden and the magical world of Fifi they’ll be learning the importance of friendship, healthy eating and enjoying exciting adventures and inspiring stories. Popular preschool shows involving fun characters and stories hold a child’s interest for longer and help stimulate their imagination.


Fifi and the Flower tots toy collection

Toys and games from popular TV shows add to the learning process as children continue playing after the programme has finished.

Fifi and the Flower tots toy collection include inspirational toys, games and roleplay sets like Fifi’s Kitchen, Fifi’s Stack a Cake game, Fifi and the Flowertots Picnic Party Playset with Talking Teapot and Lift-the-flap Pocket Library (Board book).

Jigsaws, colouring and activity books plus DVDs of the show add to the range of products available. A highly recommended toy is the Lullaby Fifi Singing Soft Toy that toddlers will take everywhere with them. This cute plush toy sings a soothing lullaby when her tummy is pressed and her cheeks will glow along with her pyjamas too!

Huggable Princess Fifi

Included is Fifi’s favourite toy Cottonsocks who she loves to hug. Also available is the Huggable Princess Fifi with her special dress and the best selling Ring o’ Roses Fifi that children can join hands with to hear her sing

For little shoppers, the new pink and blue tote bag is perfect for carrying shopping. While the Fifi and the Flowertots Lunch Bag with a brand new ‘Tea Party’ design area are great for playschool, picnics & other outings.

There are plenty of other items relating to the show like poppy’s market stall, Mo and trailer and the magical Flowertot garden for endless hours of fun.

In addition to toys and games, parents can also make a child’s room a magical place with the many character duvets, lampshades, giant stickers, curtains, pendant shades and bean bags available in the Fifi and Flowertots range.